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Языковая ситуация в Британии.
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Автор:  Dmitry [ Пт янв 28, 2005 16:50 pm ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Языковая ситуация в Британии.

Весьма любопытая дискуссия по поводу ситуации, сложившейся с изучением иностранных языков в Британии поднимается на BBC:

Earlier this year the former chief inspector of English schools, Mike Tomlinson, described Britons as "barbarians" when it came to learning foreign languages.

Research published this week, which suggested fewer than one in 10 British workers could speak a foreign language, even to a basic level, appeared to show the accusation was well-founded.

В конце статьи открыто что-то вроде форума, где английцы делятся своими мнениями по поводу
Should Britons make more effort to learn foreign languages? Have you struggled to communicate overseas? Have you taken up a language recently?

Автор:  glawen (гость) [ Пт янв 28, 2005 20:29 pm ]
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English is a world language and we find it easy to manage in other countries and with speakers of other languages

Any truly international individual should have English as their primary non-native tongue.

English has become the de facto common language, and if we visit these countries we can ALL communicate using one language, rather than having to learn many of them.

Our European neighbours have a natural second language to learn - English.

If we have to adopt their money (euros), then they should speak our language. Seems fair to me.

Повбывав бы...

Автор:  O Senhor Хм [ Сб янв 29, 2005 21:42 pm ]
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очень даже соглашусь с glawen'ом - просто отстойные отзывы... :evil:

Автор:  Petro [ Вс янв 30, 2005 16:17 pm ]
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Nick Gisburne писал(а):
If the majority of the world spoke French as its main language, and if all Hollywood films were in French, I guarantee it would be those countries which spoke French that were being criticised for not learning other languages.

От себя добавлю: if all pop songs were in French, if all scientific magazines were in French, if all computer software were in French. Or even Japanese. Только сами бриты тут ни при чём.

Автор:  glawen (гость) [ Вс янв 30, 2005 17:44 pm ]
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Петро, и что конкретно ты хотел сказать?..

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