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TRADE: Enthusiasts say Esperanto could save businesses milli
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Автор:  NikSt [ Пт окт 30, 2009 4:12 am ]
Заголовок сообщения:  TRADE: Enthusiasts say Esperanto could save businesses milli

TRADE: Enthusiasts say Esperanto could save businesses millions of dollars

By JEFF ROWE - | Posted: Sunday, October 25,

Greg Wasson reads one of his books in Esperanto at his home in Escondido. (Photo by John Koster -- For the North County Times) .

..Decades ago, Esperanto enthusiasts predicted it would become the world's universal language.

It was logical, contained recognizable remnants of other major languages and was relatively easy to learn. Backers envisioned a world united in speech. Businesses and governments would save fortunes in translation costs.

Even then, though, many considered the notion of world language far out; a pursuit for dreamers, the eccentric and people who also wanted to convert to the metric system... ... 84cfa.html

<Por angla-komprenebluloj>>>>>>>>>>>>>>#

Автор:  Kirill [ Пт окт 30, 2009 11:33 am ]
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When former Matson executive Bill Harmon was in the Navy during World War II, he would write ahead to Esperanto speakers in ports where his ship was due to dock. His shipmates noticed that several Esperanto-speaking, pretty girls often were waiting for the Esperanto-speaking American sailor to disembark.

Harmon's shipmates started learning the language.

Вот как надо язык пропагандировать!;)

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